What is Success to us ; How can we get success in our life.

We all want success in our life . Everyone has his own definition for success, many of us achieve their success whatever they thought for themselves other consider that they might not get that success. Most of us relate success with either with a successful business , a big degree, a good designation ,being wealthy or being famous and some call Mental Peace is the real success.

How can we get success that provide us what we have dreamt for ourself and that provides us with inner satisfaction and mental peace?

Start working for it … our goals will not be achieved by themselves and our dreams will not come true the next morning we open our eyes. Make a plan, be consistent , work hard, and you will get it. Believe me it will give us the mental peace and inner satisfaction because at the end of the day we know that we went through the right process ,we worked really hard for it. And it is for everyone, for every level of success. If you trust me, there is one more thing that bring you closer to the inner peace and that is Prayers. either you get others prayers for you or you do it for yourself .

Success is not a one day story or just a single act that will make us successful . There is a whole story behind it ,do you remember the picture of that iceberg we usually see ,that shows only its bright and shinny tip out of the water but it is almost 10 times inside the dark, gloomy and cold sea.

In pursuit to Success ,the journey might be not very glamorous ,it may have hardships, failures, discouragements, disappointments, late night works, rejection, in short it might be the grey area of your life but trust me the fruit is very sweet, the outcome is very glamorous.in the end evry of the effort will be paid off , nothing will go into vien. So don’t give up in the middle of the journey, take your step ahead towards your goal, every step you take is worth for your achievement of your success.

Be determined, stay composed, be consistent, work hard, keep praying and you will get it, just a little time it takes.

When you get your desire success after reading my first ever blog then dont remember to pray for me 🙂

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton